An architectural plan is a type of graphical description of a place or structure that also communicates building or fabrication instructions. An architectural plan is a technical drawing or documentat that is typically drawn or printed on paper, but it can also take the form of a digital file.

Design Presentation provides specialized services to convert floor plans to digitized format and to enhance digitized floor plans by adding multiple layers to them. We can create separate layers for dimension, text (separated with its own layer), body, hidden lines and center lines. We can create specific designs for electrical and plumbing specifications, helping you to make sense of your floor plans.

We have provided our CAD services to architects, consultants and interior designer for the following types of architectural plans:
• Site Plans
• Floor Plans
• Landscape Plans
• Urban Plans

Architectural Plan

Software Capability:

Revit Architecture | AutoCAD | ArchiCAD | ChiefArchitect | MicroStation | VectorWorks | 3DSMax | ADB | Visual Effects | Adobe Premier | After Effects