Design Presentation provides Room Data Sheet (RDS) and room elevation (C-sheet generation) services in healthcare and other building sectors.

An RDS records the function, content and characteristics of each room or space, and is produced to confirm that architects and designers have understood the space requirements correctly.

An RDS generally consists of information about the function of each room, number of people in each room, hours of operation, fitting, fixed equipment, floor & wall finishes, ceilings, door & window types, sanitary ware details, heating elements, pipe & duct services, noise & safety equipment and wiring.

A C-sheet is basically an elevation of a room that can be drafted separately or can be extracted from Codebook. DP’s designer team is able to generate RDS’s and C-sheets using Revit, Codebook and Excel data sheets based on building size and each client specific requirements.

Our team is fully capable of providing the following services under RDS and C-sheet heads:
1:50 room loading
Standard room design
ADB project briefing
Creation and update of Codebook data
Codebook remote work
Room polygons and database linking
Creation of 2D and 3D equipment libraries
Short-term on-site staff supply
Room data sheet production
Room elevation (C Sheet) production

Software Capability:

Revit Architecture | AutoCAD | ArchiCAD | Codebook | Navisworks | 3DSMax | ADB
Visual Effects | Adobe Premier | After Effects