Design Presentation follows the following delivery model for every assignment:
1. After recieving a CIF(Client Input Form) from the client, we send our cost proposal. Once we recieve acceptance from the client, a contract is generated and we send a confirmation email to the client and the project team starts work on that assignment.

2. We receive inputs from the client via different communication protocols (e.g. emails, FTP etc.). Our Project Manager will review them and note any questions and/or concerns. Once questions are resolved, the files will be entered into our production work flow and our team will start working on them.

3. The Project Manager will review the details of the completed project with his team (including the QA Manager). Each files goes through a 3-level QA check. Finally, Our Project Manager sends the output to the client via email or FTP.

4. The client reviews the output and provides comments (if any). Our team reviews and incorporates the feedback into the final output.

5. On completion of the project, we send a Client Feedback form to the client and ask for their feedback and suggestions for further improvements.