Our structural steel fabrication drawings include:

• Anchor Setting Plans
• Column Connection to Foundation (with base plate details)
• Erection Drawings
• Structural Steel Designs
• Steel Fabrication Drawings
• Connection Details – Welded, Riveted or Bolted for special moment resisting or ordinary   moment resisting frames
• Steel Member Detail Drawings (for columns, beams and bracings with location of bolt holes   and connecting members)
• Bill of Materials
• Field and Shop Bolt Summary
• Steel Trusses (member and connection details)

Steel Shop Drawings show detailed erection of steel members (columns, beams, braces, trusses, stairs, handrails, joists, metal decking, etc.) used in the construction of buildings, bridges, industrial plants, and nonbuilding structures. These projects are usually commercial, residential, public, industrial or municipal; low-rise residential projects are rarely large enough to require significant amounts of structural steel.

Erection drawings are used to guide the steel erector on the construction site (“in the field”) as to where and how to erect the fabricated steel members. These drawings usually show dimensioned plans to locate the steel members, and they often also show details with specific information and requirements, including all work that must be done in the field (such as bolting, welding or installing wedge anchors). Since the erection drawings are intended for use in the field, they contain very little specific information about the fabrication of any individual steel member; members should already be completed by the time the erection drawings are used.

Shop drawings, also called detail drawings, are used to specify the exact detailing requirements for fabricating each individual member (or “piece”) of a structure, and are used by the steel fabricator to fabricate these members. Complete shop drawings show material specifications, member sizes, all required dimensions, welding, bolting, surface preparation and painting requirements, and any other information required to describe each completed member. The shop drawings are intended for use by the fabrication shop, and thus contain little or no information about the erection and installation of the steel members they depict; this information belongs in the erection drawings.

Design Presentation also provides steel detailing using Tekla Structures (Xsteel) and Bentley ProSteel. First a 3D model is produced in TEKLA and then detailed shop drawings are extracted from the model.