Map digitization resembles the original map but it indulges each and every physical and digital feature of the map to be segregated (according to location), classified and traced. Different layers of man made features like buildings, roads, railway tracks and physical features like boundaries, surfaces, rivers etc require digitization.

Pre-Processing: In this process we scan the analog maps provided by client and plot them accordingly.

Digitization: Analog maps are digitized on the basis of the standards set by digitization; maps are digitized and again checked for accuracy and quality check.

Georeferencing: This is the process of scaling, rotating, translating and deskewing the image to match a particular size and position.

Quality Control: The digitized maps are tested on the basis of text attributes and symbolic representation.

Creating dimensional files and plots: The team must check for inaccuracies. They must also match the boundaries of the map with the original source; check whether numerals are specified or not, layers are consistent and parallel or not, etc.

Map matching for positioning systems: Coordinates, time and data of the current position are obtained, and previous and future positions are estimated and stored in the positional data.

Software required for digital mapping solutions are: 

• Microstation
• MapInfo
• ArcView
• Auto CAD mapping